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California Love

Throwback! We met in the corporate world…fell in love in the food world!

Throwback! We met in the corporate world…fell in love in the food world!

Frank Grizzly’s began as a passion project for a food loving husband and wife duo. Before they knew it, their indulgent creations developed into a weekly taco pop-up shop and catering business. 

Named after the couple’s alter egos, the owners of Frank Grizzly’s are thrilled to bring their passion to the San Francisco food scene! They are committed to bringing bold and delicious flavors in new and beautiful ways to compliment and express their love for the city they live in and California as a whole.

We love food that connects us back to our roots and reminds us of the winding paths that brought us together.”

Frank grew up in Southern California and takes pride in bringing together her food memories of her childhood spent in taquerias and swap meet stalls just a few miles north of the US/Mexico border. Grizzly was born in Mexico and grew up in the Bay Area and has cultivated a dynamic "Cali Love" approach by bringing together ingredients and products from farms in the central valley and local SF-based vendors to meet the fresh and unique flavors that NorCal has to offer.

“As native Californians, we believe that California cuisine has a distinct flavor and essence that can’t be found anywhere else in the world, and Frank Grizzly’s is a representation of all that is Cali. We are bold and we are fresh and we bring together different flavors and different experiences of the diverse food and community cultures that are unique to this beautiful state.” 

In true Cali fashion, Frank and Grizzly believe in supporting small and local businesses and do their best to work closely with local vendors and suppliers to ensure that they are taking advantage of the seasons and bringing the best local products to the table.

“We want to be sure that we are invigorating all of your senses with our bright and beautiful flavors and colors that we put on your plate!”



We love the Bay Area and we hope you can taste the love and care we put into our food!